Monday, October 22, 2012

"Pitch Perfect" and other happenings

Here is the book behind the movie I saw. The movie was funny enough for me to think about reading the book.

This weekend I went to the movies with a friend and saw "Pitch Perfect". We went to the Cinemax theater, and it was a gigantic theater. Twice the size of Hilltop theater back in Oregon City. They also had a full mall sized food court where I picked up a cheeseburger that was bigger than both my fists.
The movie had me laughing out loud all the way through. Fat Amy with her great one liners was my favorite character, maybe more because she SO reminded me of my good friend I met here, Jessica.

That being said, I don't think I will ever get the first scene out of my head. I don't know how a book could fully capture the hilarity of seeing an acapellla singer up chuck all over the competition judges, and the sheer horror expressed on their faces. Add to that when halfway through the movie the shy Asian girl making the vomit angel. Maybe it's my potty humor but this movie was probably one of my all time favorites.

There's an area on campus called "The Fishbowl" between the guys and girls dorms and is the main place for genders to commingle. I was in the fishbowl with a group watching a movie and met a guy named Darnell. We got to talking and I told him Darnell was my favorite character on the show "My name is Earl" and he said he'd heard that a lot, and he too liked the show. We laughed as we spouted off the different frequent phrases, "Oh snap", "Darnell, get yer keister over here Mister","Awe heck no, Darnell!" A few minutes later I brought my knitting down to work on, and Darnell thought knitting was the coolest thing. He kept watching and saying, "that's so awesome." He was very excited to see the finished product. His fascination has given me a little extra motivation to work on it, so I've gotten a lot done on the blanket in progress.

Yesterday I hungout in the fishbowl again and Darnell teased me, "Why aren't you knitting?!" So I brought my knitting down. Then I met a guy, Tori, who was equally interested in it, and told me he'd be right back. He came back with yarn and knitting needles he had ran to buy at Walmart, and asked me to teach him.

I still can't get over the weather here. In early September people thought I was crazy for being so amazed at sweat running down my arms and legs like half time of a basketball game, when I was only standing still. It was 112 out then, the hottest weather I've ever been in. Now October is nearing an end, and the weather is wonderful. It's been low 80's this past week, and looking to be similar this week. While out walking Friday, I got sunburned. I had to laugh again as I told friends I don't think I have ever had a sun burn in October.

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