Thursday, December 31, 2015

Treacherous Trails Totally Worth it

Our venture out of Bagan began with a bus ride where we were handed 2 barf bags and offered a sleeping pill. The next 2 days we would travel in a very cramped van through the worst roads in the nation. 

I at some points was cursing Dawn for ever bringing me to this nation, but soon the ride got interestingly beautiful. 

We crossed the Manipo River and it took our breath away. 

Our next stop was the village. Beautiful land with beautiful people filled with love. That will be another entry. 

The Village

I'm Deep in the mountains, in a place which I cannot pronounce nor can I spell, was the village. 

It was the village where Dawns father grew up. The family she has not seen since she was 5. 

Coming in to the village was quite the homecoming experience. Greeted at the entrance of the village was a parade of motorcycles. They honk and flashed their headlights in cheering as we approached. In line, they led us to the house where we would stay. 

As we got out of the vehicle, we were greeted with dinner, drinks, singing, and prayers. 

Bagan Royal Palace.

After a day spent touring the city, our taxi drive told us of a boat that could take us out to see a beautiful sunset. 

We had heard about a play going that night at the palace, that we wanted to go to. We had the perfect amount of time to go see the sunset, then get dinner, then go to the play. 

Once we got to the palace, we knew we wanted to come back in the morning to see it in the daylight. It, and the play about the history of Buddhism in Myanmar, were beautiful. 

In the morning we rented bikes for a dollar, and rode through the city and returned to visit the palace in the daylight. 

Three days here and I'm already getting a tan.