Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meandering through Myanmar

Our first day in Myanmar was spent with one of Dawn's relatives in Yangon. We went to see the largest buddist temple in Myanmar but were told we could not come in because I was wearing shorts that showed too much skin. They were right above my knee instead of right below. 
So we got to see the outside of the temple. 

That night we took a long bus ride to the ancient 2,000 year old city of Bagan. 
We learned that most everything in the nation is free for citizens but foreigners have to pay. Dawn just never corrected people who thought she was Burmese. I had to pay $20 to enter Bagan, $8 to enter a temple, $6 to enter the palace, and $50 to go to a play at the palace. Dawn got it all for free. Lol. 

When Dawn said to one of the vendors that it's not fair for foreigners to have to pay more, they told her that's just how the world works, and they made reference to how the US has in state and out of state tuition differences. 

In Bagan I was able to call my bank about my account having a large amount of money spent in Claremore. They confirmed that the purchase was made while I and my debit card were in Thailand. This comforted me to a certain degree just knowing for sure it wasn't me making big mistake buying something big right before a trip around the world. Now I am just bothered wondering how someone could have done this to me. 

With peace of mind that my bank is working on helping me, we ventured out to see the amazing city. 

Bagan is famous for being filled with flowers. 

I'm in love with these trees! 


  1. I loved this and your humor. Well I don't like that someone else is spending your money. I will pray for a speedy good resolve. I loved how the locals react to you, cracked me up. Scandalous girl with your short shorts.

  2. Fun to see. I love that big sweeping tree too. I think it's neat you have a friend to go with too.