All About Anna

I was born in the huge city of Orange, CA but settled in a tiny town in Oregon before my 5th bday. Been here ever since. Formed a dream when I was 4 held on to it until I was 19. I wanted to go to Africa. Then I learned to leave my dreams in God's hands and just do what he wanted me doing in the right now. 3 years later I made it to Africa!  Once I was held as a hostage. I have known 3 murderers in my life thus far. I had 4 marriage proposals by the time I was 18. Going on a whim one day, I created a facebook page for a missing toddler. That small idea changed my life forever, and inspired the formation of a non profit organization. I like to dance in the rain but I usually end up falling on my butt. And I like to complain about the rain. Once I convinced my PE teacher that running was against my religion so I was excused from it for the rest of the year. In 8th grade my classmates used to call me an idiot because I pronounced island "eye-land", and they insisted it was "is-land". It wasn't until the end of the year when they finally tried to have the teacher tell me, that they found out I was right. I have traveled to 9 different nations, on 4 different continents. I have climbed a mountain, eaten baked hamster, feasted on frog legs, been on tv, met a senator and a congressman, stood in the crater of a volcano, and have a million funny stories from strange experiences along the way. Every day is a new adventure. Just wait and see!

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  1. I enjoyed you blog about my Home town Van Buren, Missouri... and Yes the Mercantile is Excellent along with the owners. If you think that it is beautiful during the winter you should see it in the Spring or Summer when the river is open for floating. The whole area is just amazing. I have lived here most of my life and would have to say that the people in this area are the best in the world.