Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Phavorite Fotos

It's hard to believe a week ago I was in a tank top and feeling sweaty. 

I'm back in Tulsa now and settling in getting ready to start my new job as a social worker. 

Years of dreaming, and 6 years of schooling has now led to my big dreams becoming reality. 

It's snowy and cold in Tulsa. I find myself missing the warm sun I left behind in Burma. But I am ready to get life started here. 

Before I fully move on, I want to share with you, my dear reader, my phavorite fotos from my trip (see what I just did? Tee hee). 

I'm proud to say, all these were taken with my iPhone 5 with zero editing. 

Ok so I lied. There was ONE edited. 

Not a great picture but I love the story behind it. This was the time I ate Chinese food in China: 

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