Thursday, February 5, 2015

Accidental Safari

When I look back, the story of accidentally going on an safari adventure, will probably be one of my favorite memories made in college. A few months prior I had accomplished my life long dream of going to Africa. On our last week there we went on a safari.

Uganda was so different than the Africa I had pictured in my mind. I imagined vast flat lands made of sand with lions and leopards and giraffes. Instead I got rolling vibrant green hills with alligators, caribou and elephants. All that to say, I was very sad when I learned that my favorite animal, the giraffe, did not live in Uganda.

 Craziest thing is that, even though I had traveled through an African safari, my first time seeing a giraffe didn't come until months later, in middle of nowhere Arkansas.

I told my friends I wanted to go on an adventure. Two friends, Jessica and Melanie, stepped up and said they would go with me. When they sat in the car, Jessica announced, "Alright, where we going!"

I smiled mischievously and said, "You won't find out until we are there."

The truth was that I had no idea. I knew I wanted to drive out of state, and figured I would think something up along the way.

Two hours later we hit the Arkansas border, and as Jessica and Melanie got out at the rest stop to use the bathroom, I frantically turned on my gps. I was thinking, "Oh no, I have to find something, and quick, or we will have driven all these miles for nothing."

I selected the points of interest tab, and squealed with excitement at the first result, "Yes! Spirit of adventure, you have rewarded me once again!"

When Melania and Jessica got back in the car, they were concerned, "Okay Anna, you've taken us across state lines, how well should I have prepared for this trip? Where on earth are you taking us!"

I smiled, "We're almost there, you're gonna be so surprised."

The gps said it was only 6 miles away. We drove down a road that seemed like just another normal neighborhood drive. Until we saw the peacocks cross the road and hop the fence where a kangaroo was resting.

As we pulled into the drive, everyone in the car shouted with excitement as we read the sign out loud:

Jessica and Melanie both questioned with intense excitement, asking how on earth I had found this place. That's when I admitted to them that it was a total accident. I had no idea where we were headed when we hit the road.

We had to leave and come back when we found out the $5 entrance fee was cash only, and they did not have an atm. But once inside, we had the time of our lives.

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