Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring break fun

It's over. One milestone down, only a few more to go. My final spring break is over.  I have been a student all my life, and now I am only down to 4 weeks and then one semester left in school.
Three of my closest friends were all on missions trips. Two others went home for break. My dear friend Dawn was one of my only close friends that remained in Tulsa with me.
We were both sad that our final spring break was going to be filled with working overtime and having no wild adventures. But we did promise ourselves that at least one day would be dedicated to having fun.

So on Tuesday March 17, she and I and her little sister Lun, got in the car and drove 3 hours to explore Petite Jean Sate Park in Morillton Arkansas.

I first visited Petite Jean in June 2 years ago, when I was in Arkansas researching the baby Melissa McGuinn case. Her mom told me about the park and said I should try to check it out if I had some time on my way home. Sure enough, I did, and was very glad about it.

Now it's one of my favorite places to adventure "nearby".

Dawn and Luna had never been there. Luna thought we were in another country. She said along the drive, "This country has a lot less pollution than America." That made me laugh, and ironically 10 minutes later we drove by a nuclear power plant.

Once we arrived the fun began.

On the drive back home, we started out being our silly selves, dancing around and singing and teasing each other for various reasons.

But somewhere along the way, a giant rainstorm hit. It was totally out of the blue.
But it led to even more fun.
When we got to a red light, a song came on the radio about being in the middle of a storm. Singing got pretty intense then.

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