Monday, April 6, 2015

Chasing the sun

Found while walking out in the woods.  How perfect?

Easter was a cold and rainy day in Tulsa. I decided that's not how I wanted to spend my day. So instead I went chasing after the sunshine.
I got online and looked at the radar and found where there was the nearest area with no cloud coverage. Then I headed that way, hoping the road would lead me to a sunny place to have an adventure.

It took me 2 hours west to Boiling Springs State Park.

There I spent all day in a tank top and shorts, enjoyung the sun while walking through hiking trails.

While 98% of the population spent the day hunting for eggs, and the 1.9% of the population spent the day stuck at work, I was the 0.1% that spent the day hunting for the sun.

`Twas a good day.

My Easter Lily...Totally didn't notice the cross beside her before taking the picture

Conked out on the whole drive home after a long day of playing

The final pictures I took for the day before driving back into the storm.

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  1. Good for you! We had sunshine and then A LOT of rain!!