Thursday, November 12, 2015

The paper of all papers

Six years I have been going to college. Four and a half of those years my focus has been on social work. One month from now I will be a college graduate, and proudly wearing the title `Social Worker'.

There is one last hurdle I have to cross before I get there. Tomorrow the paper of all papers is due. There are 11 standard core values and practices that social workers are expected to uphold. In this paper, I have a minimum of 25 pages, in which I have to define the 11 competencies in my own understanding, and give examples of how I have demonstrated that I am competent in them throughout my 4 years as a student.

I am basically having to prove to a panel of social workers, that I am qualified and deserving my college degree. Talk about nerve wrecking!

Once my paper has been reviewed, I will be called in for an oral exam, where I will again have to tell a panel why I deserve to get my degree.

So this is really it.

Four years of work, all lead up to these final days.

Wish me luck!!

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