Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final Days

So now I know what it feels like to be in my final days at home. I was driving through Silverton the yesterday and snapped the above picture. It got me feeling all sorts of gooshy feelings about home. I felt excited to be headed off in this next chapter of my life. I thought about how much I am going to miss the big fir trees and green all around me. This dream is four years in the making, and finally coming true. Carol, a church friend and cousin's mother in law, has embarked on a journey of fulfilling her life long dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I mentioned to her that dreaming is fun, but living your dreams is a blast. Then I realized I am doing the same thing! I wanted so badly to go to ORU after high school, but things just weren't adding up. I gave up on the dream for a while, and got sad when I thought about it. Then one day the Lord told me, "Dream again!". Now here I am, 68 days away from making the big move! What's your dream? One that you haven't thought about in a while, one that you gave up on? Maybe today is the day for you, to dream again.

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