Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eventful week

My bedroom now has half the amount of stuff it did a month ago. I am downsizing slowly. Eventually I will need to cut the size in half again, but I have let myself numb to that thought lol.
I started my new job and then quit my old job this past week. I now work at a group home for three mentally disabled men, helping live in day to day activities. This last week I worked a total of three days, a total of 21 hours, a total twice what I was making at my old job.
My first week I mostly read all the rules and regulations, and shadowed the other staff. It is quite the different experience, where you have to use your brain a whole lot more than your back(yay me!). I have to convince one guy to come out of his bed, talk another guy out of beating himself when he's frustrated, and be on alert for the third guy who likes to punch at random times.
The job is 6 miles from home, unlike the twenty five at my old job, and pays very well. So far it's been very interesting and I am excited to start doing more. I told them I'll be leaving August 5th for more schooling, and they were fine with that, saying it would work out well with another staff who is on maternity.
I now have 43 days until I leave!!!! We mailed out invitations, and made a facebook announcement, for a going away party on July 29.
This weekend Steve, Nick, Mom, and I drove down to San Jose, California for a family reunion at my uncle and aunts house. After a 12 hour drive, I got home, just now in fact. I'll end with some pictures, then off to sleep I go! :)


  1. Dear Niece Anna, You write well, and I enjoy hearing about your life and your new job. Lovely way to exit Oregon for a few years. Great picture of Steve too! See you soon and for sure on July 29-Aunt T

  2. What fun! I'm glad you're keeping a blog of your journey towards social work, so I can stay up to date on your adventures. :)