Monday, June 25, 2012

Documenting the final days

Whether anyone reads this or not, I have learned from old blogs that what I love the most about blogging, is going back and reading it later on. So here I write to update family and friends, but also to remember these days later on.
Today was my fourth day working at my new job. They still don't have me doing a whole lot, aside from house chores and watching the other staff, but it's an exciting learning experience. One of the guys who live there, takes a car ride every Monday to have fun going around corners. I got to ride along today for the loop which was a VERY windy 1 mile. I had eaten a small breakfast, and forgot a lunch, and was starving hungry. It was a blessing in disguise because if I had eaten properly, the car sickness would have caused it to go all over the van.
When we got back to the house, my boss had me washing and putting clothes away. I found out she is very picky about the way things are folded. She went so far as to warn me that she has had people quit due to her pickyness. Here comes the nerd in me......she taught me how to fold a fitted sheet! I was so excited by how easy it was and how neat it looked, that when I got home I had to show my mom. Once I got home I wanted to go and fold all the fitted sheets because I was so excited about the new technique.
One of the guys who lives there, is very violent at times, and the whole house has to work around it. His laundry cannot be put away, his room cannot be cleaned, and the dishes cannot go into the dishwasher, until he is out of the house. The last hour of my shift he left the house for a while, and I went put the laundry away in his room. Once in his room, I discovered he had smeared his poo all over the wall. I was then assigned the task of cleaning the mess off the wall.
The weird side of my humor shined then, and I laughed at the thought of, "How many times will I do this in my life?" I've dealt with dirty diapers before, and wiped up animal messes on the floor, but this is the first time I have ever cleaned up a manly mess off the wall. (Okay, alright, that was lame...but I warned you I was weird).
I got home and was exhausted. I sat on the couch and zoned out. I sat there for about an hour before Mom came home and I realized I had just wasted my day away sitting and staring. I couldn't understand why I was so tired. My job is not a highly physically demanding job, and the three other days I worked I felt good enough to go jogging after my shift. Then it clicked and I realized I am just THAT addicted to coffee, that when I skipped this morning, I was dead by 4pm.
I drank a cup of coffee and that's when I got the energy to share my exciting news with Mom, that I had learned how to nicely fold a fitted sheet.
After sharing my fun lesson with my mom, I went for a half hour walk up my road. On the walk I was surprised to see a slug being carried to an ant hill by ants. It's June 25 and it's a cold, cloudy day in Oregon. I think all this cold and darkness is what's chased me out of Oregon. It was a delightful 75 when I visited Oklahoma in March. I just got home from sunny California last night, so it's aggravating to go back to winter. Do you know the four seasons in Oregon? Almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction. That's one sight I never thought I'd see on my my middle of no where gravel road...yes, a road work sign!

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