Wednesday, June 27, 2012

41 Days

I think that Oregon is screaming at me, "Go! Go! Go!" with it's weather. Yes, that's right, it's now 26 days through June, and it is STILL nothing but rain and cold. I am sitting here bundled up in a blanket, as if it were November, looking at a thermometer that reads 53 degrees.

I think my recent trip to sunny California, has my mind craving more melanin and vitamin D, which is a rarity in Oregon. I looked up the weather in Tulsa, and tomorrow's forecast is a scorching 102!! Yum and Yikes! That's part of the reason why I want to leave Oregon though. I want to live somewhere that has actual seasons. Warm Fall, Cold Winter, Wet Spring, and Hot Summer. Here in Oregon it's A Lot Of Rain and A Little Less Rain; cold, not so cold.
Now that, that little rant is over... I have a little story to share of my thoughts today on just how glad I am for my new boss and job. I once left the gallon of skim milk out on the counter, at my old job, while I went to grab a banana out of the back. When I came back, my boss was shouting out, "Who left the milk here?!" I think had to apologize profusely and explain my reasoning. After a long and dramatic moment of apology, my boss snarled, "Just don't do it again!" At my new job, there is a guy who lives there, who has a tendency to get violent at times, and throws things at people if objects are available. Because of this, we have to keep everything locked up and have nothing sitting out that he could turn into a weapon. Today wiener wraps was cooked on a pan for one of the guy's lunch, and my new boss asked me to put the left overs away, and clean up the mess. I put the food away, and wiped up the counters and swept the floor, then got distracted by something with one of the guys in the other room. A few seconds later I heard my boss call out from a few feet away, "Anna, you can't leave this pan out." My mind instantly went to my memory of my old job, and I started apologizing as I hurried back to take care of it. My boss interrupted my apology and said, "Correction, you can leave the pan out, as long as you don't mind one of the guys throwing it at your head in a few minutes, ha, ha, ha." I greatly appreciated the way she gave me correction, while we both had a giggle. I love how there's no gossip, no backstabbing, no power trips. I love how everyone is there to work...not there to be some else's superior. A few minutes after that, I was lost in thought of my gratefulness to God for this final days blessing. I am making more money, in a much better environment, with people who make me smile, a place I am encouraged to learn, at a place that will help resume professionally down the road. I really feel God is looking out for me. Ever since I re-applied to ORU I have felt such a pleasant peace that whatever happens, God will take care of me, but today was a special little reminder of that. :)
On my way home from work, I stopped at a local little fruit stand that is quite popular in the area. It was surprisingly my first time being a customer there. I bought a mango and some oranges(one of which I am currently snacking on). All the fruit I have eaten so far has been heavenly yummy so far. I highly recommend if you live near by, you stop in this week! Everything is perfectly ripe right now.
Once I arrived home it was wet and cold, so I snuggled up in a blanket and have been working on writing in a book I have been forming for a little over a year now. As I sat typing away, I decided to make it my goal to submit it to at least 2 literacy agents before I leave. Who knows, maybe this story could end up paying off my school loans???? =D
Tomorrow I have some delectable funny pranks up my sleeve. Stay tuned to hear how they go!

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