Monday, July 2, 2012

35 Days

These days have just been flying by, and it's hard to remember to journal them all, but important to. I know I am going to love reading this blog down the road. Financial Aid was totally finished this past week with me sending in $142 that I currently owed. I've known for many months that I am for sure going, but the financial aid being complete this week makes it 100% certain.
It's a weird feeling, knowing that next month I will be living in another state. It keeps coming to mind and making me stop to say, "Woah."
Knowing that time is going fast, I am trying extra hard to make every day memorable. On Wednesday and Friday I went around town doing some practical jokes on the good people of Molalla. Thanks to my big brother, Nick, wanting to copy cat my greatest one, he left my supplies at his work. There fore I am waiting to blog about those hilarious days, for after I am able to pull off the best one.
On Thursday I called up two of my dearest friends, and we planned to get all fancy looking, and go around taking pictures. My friend's sister in-law gave two of us eyebrow jobs, and did our make up all amazing, making us look like true models. We had so much fun and so many laughs.

Sunday I was able to go to church for the first time in a long time. It's always such a nice feeling, being around other Christians(of course I'll get a lot of that with where I'm going in a month), hearing a good word, an seeing old friends. I think I have a new appreciation for church, since going 3 years working at a job where boss kept telling me I had to work every Sunday. I guess you don't realize how good something is, until it's unavailable.
I went to work at 2:30 and they sent me grocery shopping. I thought it was hard getting everything into one shopping cart, but then it cracked me up seeing my car packed with $200 worth of groceries.
One of the guys who lives where I work, I have mentioned in the past has violent tendencies. Sunday night he got aggravated because his allergies. One point during my shift he went into his restroom, ripped off the zip ties that were very tightly fastened, and a hard plastic toilet lid was sent flying in my direction, but thankfully missed me. Again I was left thinking, "That's something I never would have imagined happening in my life. Getting a toilet thrown at me." On Sunday at church, my buddy Clayton talked to me about this blog, which reminded me that I need to keep it updated. In the past I have tried my hand at blogging to gather a crowd of followers like my cousin's wife Jod a la mode but was unsuccessful. However, this time around, my goal is to write things down for myself to read in the future. So... Dear Older Anna, today is July 2, and you are shivering in a sweater!! You made the right choice in moving to a warmer climate!

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