Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 33 days

Today was the 4th of July parade, celebrating Independence Day.

I was trying out my hand at taking pictures with my wonderful camera. I was trying to get a picture of a cute yellow house out in the distance. But right as I did, my camera focused in on something else instead. I was squealing with excitement when I got on my computer, and discovered instead of a yellow house, my camera captured this:
During the parade, the group of kids were sitting in front of us, were about evenly numbered boys vs. girls. The girls were getting frustrated that the boys were getting so much more candy. One piece of candy fell at my foot. I laughed as I told my mom that I bet it wasn't because the boys were more aggressive, that they got the candy, it was because they are natural hunters and noticed the candy sooner.
We both laughed hard as I proved my point by throwing the candy right in front of the girls side. 4 boys rushed in front of the girls and raced to grab the lone piece of caramel. One arose as victor and picked himself up off the street, before the girls even bothered to look down at what was happening right in front of them. I had a lot of fun taking pictures. Here are some of my favorite from the parade
After the parade ended at 11, we went home for a bit. We had a party to go to at 2. Mom, my brother, and I all got ready, while my step dad decided it was a good time to work in his garden. 1:45 rolled around and my mom called out and told my step dad it was almost time to be there. Then we all sat around waiting for him until 2:30. Made me laugh!
On the drive to the party, my brother and I got to talking about the song we used to love, "The Devil Is Bad" by The W's Nick then got the cd on his phone, and blared it through his sound system. We both giggled with our memories of dancing around to it, thinking it was so cool. Then the next song came on that we had never heard, and was so bizarre, that we were both laughing out tears. Frank
When we pulled into the driveway, Nick blared The Devil Is Bad, again, as we hoped other would hear it and remember it. Sadly no one seemed to react.
At the party, I got some nice pictures, and a nice red hot SUNBURN! I know, isn't it terrible that I am so happy it's sunny enough to burn?!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party:
Finally....I finished the last of my planned jokes in and throughout our little town. Will have the full blog tomorrow!

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  1. Oh no, the princess is not happy! She's cute even when she's crying!