Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Final Farewells

Sunday was a day of well wishes and goodbyes. The morning started very early with a 3 a.m. drive home from the ER. I was diagnosed with asthma, and given an inhaler. It's quite frightening having your first asthma attack. Felt like my entire chest was sinking in. I started getting very dizzy, and struggled to remember how to do simple things like stand up. They had me take two puffs from an inhaler and my throat opened up in about two minutes. They sent me home with the inhaler; I've had to use it twice since Sunday morning. They said it might have been anxiety and stress related due to my upcoming move but to follow up with my regular doctor to be sure. I thought that was weird because I haven't felt stressed, only excitement. It doesn't make sense to me that it was a stress related asthma attack, but I am really hoping that's all it is and it will go away once I am settled in Oklahoma.
Seven hours after we got home, we headed to church. The pastors called me up and announced to the congregation that I am leaving the church. They prayed for me and said good luck. It was a weird thought, that soon I will be calling somewhere else, "my church". I have found two churches in the area that I am excited to try out, after watching some of their sermons online.

Right after church we headed home and prepped for a "Going away party". My friend Paul beat us there. He drove from S.E. Portland to hang out, only to have to turn around and leave an hour later for work. I was touched that he came such a long way for such a short time. My aunt and cousin also came from about two hours away.

My favorite family, the Nutters, all made a joint effort to make sure I am good on coffee while at college. One got me an electric water kettle, another got me coffee beans and the other got me a french press. I sent my future roomate a message on facebook about it cause I was so happy.

About 60-70 people showed up to say so long. My uncle and I were chatting for a bit, and he bet me that I would be back in Oregon within 5 years. I told him I'll place that bet on the lint in my pocket.
I put a blank book on a table and asked every one to write some well wishes and their best piece of advice. I laughed when I saw what my uncle had wrote.

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