Monday, June 3, 2013

Another greeting from Uganda! We had a few more days of preaching in churches and in the streets, as well as going and meeting with people in there homes to preach the gospel. It has been the experience of a lifetime. I got to eat grasshoppers for the first time too!
Today we drove all day to a new village. We stopped a a shop where I bought myself a cool walking stick. Only once I bought it some of the locals informed me I had just bought a weapon, and they revealed the top pulled off to a blade. Made me even more proud of my purchase.
Saw a flock of wild monkeys today too!!
We are in an internet cafe right now, with litttle time to write as usual. Tues and Weds are our last day of preaching, then Thurs and Friday we will spend in a safari. The trip is ending so soon!!

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  1. Dear that you are having a good time and putting feet to the great commission. Pat has a walking stick she got there...calls it a lion blade. You'll have to get together with her and compare notes. Love and continued prayers...Aunt Teri