Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This first full week of being back in the US of A has been quite the interesting time. When I first stepped off the plane I found my mother and brother waiting there to greet me. It ended up being by God's grace that they were there and staying in a hotel, because I found out my summer financial aid had gotten messed up at school, and for several days I had no where to stay. So I ended up staying at the hotel with them while I tried to get everything sorted out.
It's been super hot this last week, and we've had torrential rains. To say the least, Tulsa weather is WEIRD!

I have finally started to get back into the groove. It's been strange getting back onto an American diet, and college sleep schedule. Mom and I went for a walk every morning around 7 am while she was here. Mom and Nick left for home and dropped me off at work 5 am Sunday morning, at which point I still was not moved into the college dorms.
But alas by Sunday evening, I was moved into a room at school, and Monday morning I continued my morning walk routine and later in the day I started classes again.

Now that I have crossed off all of the firsts for being home, first shower, first meal, first sleep, first day of work, and first day of school, I figured it was time for me to start my first entries detailing my trip. It's late at night, so tomorrow the blogging shall begin!

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  1. <3 it I really love reading about your Amazing life! I do miss you but I am super happy for what you are doing! You inspire me to follow my dreams, I am super lucky you came into my life!