Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Travel Day Part 1

5/15 Shortly after we finished breakfast, on our first full day in Uganda, we packed up all our belongings onto the top of a small white van.There was a metal gate around the entire hotel. The exit had bars on the top and on the bottom which we had to step over, and several of us got a good laugh when we tripped on the bottom bar and landed on the ground. John however was our greatest source of entertainment. Being the tallest person on our team, he, not once but twice, smacked his head on the top.

 We were told we were going on a 4 hour drive to where we would be staying. But after the 5th hour of driving we all knew this was another case of what we had been warned about in training... the notorious,
"Africa time".

In our 6th hour of driving, sometime after 3pm, we pulled into a very Americanized resort restaurant. The menu was all our kind of food, there were a bunch of other white, English speaking customers there, and the music was all Pop 2000's music.

Pastor Fredrick's wife and 2 kids stopped in to meet us and say hello. They ate lunch with us and we played some games with the kids. His little girl has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

Once lunch was over, we said goodbye to the family, and loaded back up in the van.

What happened next was pretty interesting...but I will save that for tomorrow.

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