Friday, July 12, 2013

A some what late...Update

Life has been crazy busy, being back in the swing of things as an American college student.

I celebrated the 4th of July with friends, and went to a superb firework show at night.

 I've taken some big steps in getting things in order to ready my book for publishing. Very excited about that.

Summer school is half way through, and it's crazy to think that in just one month summer will be over! The heat is insane here in Oklahoma.

I've been discovering all the wonderful bike and nature trails Tulsa Parks has to offer.

I truly do intend to get back to blogging daily-ish. I will have more posts starting tommorrow!

I will share one funny Uganda tid bit for right now.

One of my friends asked me how the bug population was in Uganda. I did my best to describe it to her. Later on I showed her a photo and asked her to guess what it was. She said, "Oh, pretty sunset."

I corrected her, "No, that a light bulb."

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  1. Please excuse my language, but that's friggen gross!