Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travel Day 1 Part 2 (finally)

5/15 We had stopped for lunch that day, where we met with Pastor Fredrick's wife and family at an americanized restaurant. We got back in the van after lunch, and planned to continue driving for several more hours. But we actually only made it about 30 minutes. The van kept not being able to switch gears, and we were about to head up into very mountainous terrain. Pastor Israel did not want to make the trek with any kind of vehicle trouble.

Pastor Israel got off the main road, and was going to take the van to a friend in the area to help fix the problem. But as he made the turn on the dusty dirt road, the gear shift got stuck in neutral, and the van would not move.
Pastor Israel looked at Pastor Fredrick and smiled as he said, "My brothas and sistas, this is a God ordained car problem. Pastor, maybe now you take them to the place we had decided to skip this year."

Pastor Israel stayed in the van and talked on a cell phone, while Pastor Israel led us a few hundred feet walking down the road and told us that for the past 6 years of ORU teams, they all were taken to this place, but they had decided this year there was not time to go. Both pastors realized it must have been a God thing, that the van stopped working right outside next to the place they were planning to skip.

There was a sign that read, "Bible College". Several years ago, an ORU graduate named Tim Way, whom we'd already met back in the States, went to Uganda with the dream of starting a bible college. It took him many years of hardship, but it was now up and running with big names like Joyce Meyer, and Marilyn Hickey, coming at times to teach lessons.

 Pastor Israel and Fredrick were both graduates.

And come to find out, it was very much a God thing.
Isaiah and Chris both have dreams of long term work in Uganda. Isaiah want to be a missionary preacher, and Chris wants to open an elite boarding school for orphans.

During our visit, Isaiah talked to some of the teachers and higher management, that gave him contact info for how he could come teach at the college when he feels ready to.

 Chris was told about a man to talk to, whom we would stay with later in the trip, who owned a large piece of property that he was hoping to build an orphanage on. They said that man would really be helpful to launch both his and Chris' dream.

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