Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miss Vickie

Miss Vickie is one of those personalities that even if you only have a 5 minute encounter with her in your entire life, you don't ever really forget her. She's lovable, and sweet, with a real southern style way. She is born and raised in Tulsa, and has an adorable "suthun drawl".

She is quick witted and hilarious. So many times she has made me gasp with laughter at an unexpected sarcastic remark, but she does it in such a way that no one ever has their feeling hurt around her.
My favorite kind of personality, is the one who can fill the room with laughter, with out teasing any particular individual to do so. And that's what Miss Vicky is.

She is a tiny little lady, standing at only about 4 foot 6 inches.

I met Vickie at my job, she has been working there for 3 years. One day I found out something interesting and kind of shocking about her. She is over 50 years old, and has never been on a date.

I asked her if that was by choice, as some women decide to stay single, and she said no, just that no man has ever asked her out. Again I was shocked, because of how much every person that meets her loves her.

I asked her if she would ever try online dating. She told me, "Well, I gots dis one of them cumpooders thingys up in my home. But I has had it fer tree yers with never ternin' it on."

Again she made me laugh out loud, when she told me that a cable repair guy had been out to her house, and while fixing her cable, he checked to see if the internet was working right. Vickie said he told her that she needed to leave the computer on for a while, because it hadn't been used in so long, it needed time to install updates.
Vickie said she was embarrassed to tell him, because he was so attractive, that she didn't know how to turn the computer off on her own. Several days later she paid one of her nephews to come over just to turn it off.

Growing up with a computer genius in the family, I have always lived in the shadows of my brother in the technology department. I don't know squat! And I didn't realize just how little I knew, until I moved away and didn't have him there to fix everything for me.

I have been going over to Miss Vickie's house to help her figure out how to use her computer, and it's made me feel oh ever so smart.
She didn't even know how to turn it on. When I told her, "Here, you just press this button." She was shocked, "You mean that's it?!" The second thing I showed was how to turn it off.

"You just move your little pointer thing over here to where it says, `Shut Down', then click it."

When the computer was off she laughed, "Tree yers I hasn'ts used dis, all cause I didn't know to press a button?!"

And her reaction to being introduced to Google was the best! She couldn't believe there was some thing that existed, that had all the answers. "Ooh ooh," she would exclaim, "What's a good price for a Hyundai? What date did Ronald Regan when he died? What was the name of Louis Armstrong's first wife? Oh my gosh, it can give driving directions too? Whaaat! It even knows directions if you only know the name of the place!"

I just can't wait until I introduce her to facebook, and show her what her childhood crush looks like now!

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