Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy happenings

School is in full swing, and so is the fun. The weather is AMAZING. It varies from SUPER cold to decent, but the sky is a deep, rich, beautiful blue, and the sun makes me want to smile constantly.
Two weeks ago I was getting concerned with my Africa fun because I was short $1000 for the February 50% deadline. I put another shout out on Facebook, and in 9 days $510 came in. I still have a lot to go, but I am excited to see how God provides it. Our team has been meeting for a lot of prayer time. Praying for our funds, praying for our travels, and praying for the people we will meet in Uganda. I am more and more excited every day. I dreamed of this trip literally all my life, and I could not have asked for a better way for it to come true.
There have been a few people that I had classes with last semester, who I have been hanging out with a lot this semester. We discovered a share love for spontaneous adventure. On one of these adventure, one of the guys led us down and around different stairs and halls, and through a delivery tunnel where.......we discovered ORU's Area 51! This discovery was EXACTLY why I love spontaneous adventure.
Right after this Area 51 discovery, I made another cool discover....Cristina! One of the guys I was with was talking about tornadoes, and one of his other gal friends had joined our group sitting drinking coffee. She spoke up, "Man, I don't get that in Oregon." I gasped and turned to her "What did you just say?!" Christina is the first Oregonian I have met, and she only lived about 10 minutes from me! We looked each other up on Facebook, and we know a bunch of the same people!

Christina has joined our posse of adventurers, and I am JUST about to venture out with them again. This evening our adventure is, driving out to the wilderness to star gaze! :) <3

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