Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My new obsession

The other night, a group of us went out for a late night adventure, star gazing in the wilderness. That night, a new obsession was born in me. The sky was magnificent and we were all filled with ooh's and awe's. But my camera is not very good at taking pictures of the vast amount of stars in the sky. However, while trying to take a picture of the stars, I focused in on the moon, then shrieked when this picture came out.
The moon came in clear and close. I was literally jumping up and down squealing, I was so excited and proud that I had just taken that picture. Now I have been trying to take as many pictures of the moon as I can, and it fills my head with wonder, of what it would be like to wander around up there for a bit. Maybe someday we will make family trips to the moon. Until then, I will just continue trying to get as clear of shots of the moon as I can:

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  1. I think the moon pics are amazing too. You met an
    I get the sunshine thing but I love our Oregon green.
    HUGS from the Grandle fam