Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 7th floor adventure

I have found a fun community here at ORU. There are so many people with the same attitude and likeness as me. Yesterday proved that once again. There is an urban legend on campus. The one building where almost all of classes are, the GC, has a 7th floor which is where Oral Robert's office was in his living years, and where the college president now is. Now and then, while using the elevator in the GC, some very well dressed person will step in and ask, "7 please." and everyone else in the elevator will say with their eyes and quiet gasps, "Oooh seventh floor."
The urban legend is that the 7th floor is where all the important ORU leaders and rich alumni hang out as sort of a "fancy people club".
The rumor is, that when you step off the elevator, there are two security guards, dressed like Men in Black, who ask you for ID, and will have you thrown off school property if you are not on the elite list of names.
Of course, me being me, hearing these rumors and urban legends time and time again, but never meeting someone who had been there, my mind has been screaming at me, "Go! Go! Go!" But I was nervous, very nervous!

I have a very adventurous spirit, but a very non confrontational personality. If I went up to the 7th floor, I stood the risk of facing the men in black if the rumor was true.

Nevertheless, the call to adventure got the best of me. So yesterday, after my last class on the 5th floor, I got on the elevator and hit "7". I wanted to squeal as soon as I felt the elevator start to rise, but I thought if I was going to do this, I had to keep my composure and act like I belong up there.
I heard the ding, signaling that I had reached my destination, and much to my relief, there were no men in black.
Even though there were no men in black, the sight was so beautiful, that I definitely thought I would get in trouble if caught up there. The roof was a colorful oval stained glass, the walls had the gorgeous display of the school's history, and over in the corner I saw the door that said it was the university president's office.
I was very impressed, but still very nervous about getting questioned about being up there. I saw feet coming from around the corner, and I went into panic mode. I saw the fire escape route map on the wall, and tried to hurry to look for stairs I could run down.
Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, and a deep, strange voice said, "Miss, what are you doing up here?"
I slowly turned, then tried to muffle my laughter of great relief, as I saw it was one of my friends.
I asked her, if this meant we were allowed to be up there, and she said, "Oh I have no idea. I just hear about it, so I came up to see it. Been up here a few times, but never seen anyone else, so no one has ever questioned me."

I thought it was hilarious. The exact same time I was feeling adventurous, and exploring a new place I had been told to fear, so was my friend.
We stepped into the restroom which was the fanciest restroom I have ever seen(no we didn't use them, just gawked at them!) We stepped back out and were talking to each other about just how nice the bathroom was, when a man approached us.

I again felt a sense of terror, but he just smiled and said, "First time on the 7th floor?"

He told us a bunch about how it had been renovated in recent years, and some jokes Oral Roberts and current president Mark Rutland had made about the 7th floor.

At the end of the day, I was so glad I went, and I was just tickled by the fact one of my friends followed the urge at the same time as me, totally unplanned!

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