Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm gone...and back.

I am back in Tulsa, sitting in my dorm, wrapped in my electric blanket, with Madea on in the background(thanks Jodi!). It's weird for me to think, this morning I was home in Oregon, this evening I am home in Tulsa, and tomorrow I will be back sitting in class.
I feel a strange sense of homelessness. Every place I call home, is all just a sort of visit. Tulsa is my home now...for most of the year, but come May I will be kicked out and not welcome back until August. When I go to Oregon, I say I am back home, but in the same sentence I refer to Tulsa as home. I relate better than ever to the Carrie Underwood song "Temporary Home". Every bed I sleep on, is very temporary. I have never been a fan of change, and every time I have to change living spaces, I feel a strong and stronger desire for something that will be permanent. I am ready for my own bed, my own home, my own family, my own pets. I am SO so looking forward to the day when my life has settled into the long term. Moving to Tulsa was a very good change for me, but I am ready for things to stay the same again.
Visiting home reminded me of why I wanted so badly to leave Oregon. I saw the sun once in 3 weeks, I had to drive if I wanted to go anywhere and everywhere, and there was really not much to do most of the time. I watched so much Netflix that I even started watching foreign films. It was nice though, taking a break to do almost nothing. Overall, I had a good visit, but I am sure of my decision to move now more than ever.
I got to visit most of my friends but not all. I went dancing for the first time with my good pal Laura.
I had a hilarious adventure with my friends Lydia and Lexy, when we tried going to see Monsters Inc 2, then realized it was Monsters 1, so snuck into Django, then had to leave because I forgot to pick up my mom from work.
I went to see my friend Kaya and her baby Rose. Rose is 7 months old, my favorite age, and laughed the ENTIRE time I was there. There is nothing that compares to the thrill of spending time with a giggly baby!
I also went out to lunch at my favorite local restaurant with my oldest friend Emily. Visited my friend Heidi in Gresham, and she and my brother decided to try to stay in contact with each other.
I spent an afternoon with my aunt going to meet her stepmother Mary. Mary is a retired pilot who is now an expert dog agility trainer and competitor.
My last day in Oregon I spent with the family at the beach. I loved it so much, especially because it's been 5 years since I've seen the ocean. With all the fun I have had visiting family and friends, I am ready for life to get back to the semi normal state of school.

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