Sunday, May 12, 2013


So much has happened already. I don't even know where to begin to put it into words. For years I have put off the several prophetic words in my life that I would preach and have a giant worldwide ministry.

I dreamed of an orphanage, living a simple life. Not preaching, never preaching. As years went by my dreams began to change. I found a passion for the children in the foster care system. I also developed dreams for thriving in my book writing. I even began to accomplish my dream of being a missionary in Africa. But still I never dreamed of preaching.

Yesterday is finally hit me, the irony of the fact that I was placed on an evangelism team for Africa. Last week I didn't even know how to write a sermon. Now I have written and practiced 3. It is nerve wracking but I have found that I love it.

In 2007 a minister who had never met me before, told me something that rings in my ears daily, "I see great things in your future. If you keep your heart right with God, then the sky's the limit. The Lord challenges you, to dream."

This week I have been having dreams at night, of sharing my funny stories in front of large crowds. It was a task that was far beyond my wildest dreams.

I can now see that Uganda is only the beginning. I dream of publishing many books. I dream of finding homes for America's foster children. I dream of sharing the hope I have found in Christ, with the people of Africa. I dream of a husband and adopted children. I dream, I dream I dream.

I dare to dream.

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