Monday, May 6, 2013

Uganda training day 1

The day started out at 7 am with meeting for breakfast. We all had to wait in the lobby until the entire team was there, and we only had a 45 minute time span in which we had the opportunity to eat.Two of the team members were running late and asked us to go with out them. But our leaders said we all had to eat together. 7:05 wasn't so bad having to wait, but by 7:13 I was getting nervous that we were still having to wait for different teammates to come while time was running out for breakfast. But they said, "We eat as a team, and we wait as a team."

This moment of waiting would be the first of many things to come throughout the day.

The first part of the day was spent learning evangelism tips and training. Then the entire afternoon was spent on team building and doing different exercises to show the importance of every individual on the team, and the importance of communication and support.

The first exercise we had to jump, in unison, into the air, and do several other things correctly, and land a certain way. We had to learn to communicate very well what we were going to do, and be accountable for when we did not do it right. In total, we jumped 79 times and only made 30 that were in unison. More than half of those made correctly, were done at the end once we had figured out how to communicate and work together better.

All through out the afternoon we had to do several physically exhausting activities, which all had a lesson to it of how to work together as a team.

By the end of the day, all of our muscles felt like jello, and we all felt more confident and more unified as a team ready to take on the challenges of Uganda.

Each evening we have a service for worship and some teaching. Tonight the message was on "What's worth it?"

This week of Ropes, is worth it to prepare for what is to come in Uganda.

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