Monday, April 22, 2013

Bike blues, Uganda prep, busy weekend, and more

Last week a group of friends went out with me to help me find a "good" bike. Walking to work has been getting more tiring as the days have been getting warmer, and so I wanted to find a quicker and easier means of transportation.

We found a girly purple mountain bike that I thought suited me well.

I was excited to buy a flowered basket to add the perfect touch of girly-girlness.

But things went very badly two days later.

I decided to take my bike out for a ride on my favorite nature trail. I made it all the way down to my usual stop on the trail and kept going...much further than I go when walking, when the handles began to move. The brakes were resting above my hands. I awkwardly tried to ride it back to school, when the handle completely came off the connecting bar. 

Then it got even worse, when the chain fell off. A whopping 2 hours later, I arrived back on campus, missed class, and had to turn my writing assignment for that class in late.

By Saturday I found a friend who had the tools and knowledge to fix all the bikes problems. And I found a new appreciation for properly functioning products.

Saturday Team Uganda went out with ORU Outreach to put on a community fun day in South Tulsa. It was so fun to show the community that Christianity can be fun. We had dance competitions, games, nail and face painting and more.

Wednesday Team Uganda went to a home in Tulsa and met the missionaries who started the churches we will be visiting in Africa.

There was an intense lightning storm going on while we were there. I was sitting facing the window. It was night, and I could not see anything outside, except when the lightning flashed, and made the backyard look like daylight. I could see the grass was green and the fence was brown. I was once again filled with awe and wonder with the Oklahoma weather.

And to top it all off, when we got back to campus I had my first tornado evacuation.....but I'll save that story for another post.

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