Friday, April 26, 2013

Publishing Plans

Something not a whole lot of people know about me, is that I am an avid writer. Two years ago I started writing a 255 paged story called, "Visionary." I finished it 9 months ago in Utah, on our drive to Oklahoma.

Since then I have been adding to and taking away, trying to make it better. I have several other stories written about halfway, that are each well over 100 pages. But "Visionary" and one other piece I am working on called, "Summer's Rain" are by far the best work I have done. I am very excited about having them made into books in the future.

"Visionary" is the one story I have completed. I have been looking hard into finding a good editor. I found one that I LOVE who wants to do the editing, and who is also very connected to the world of publishing agencies.

However, nothing good comes for free. In fact, I am looking at having to invest close to $2000 on the story. That is what has been preventing me from accomplishing this dream of mine.

I have had two friends and my mom read the story, and they all liked it. I asked my writing professor if he would look at it over the summer, give me some constructive criticism over whether or not the story is worth sinking a bunch of money into. He told me he would be glad to check it out some time this summer.

If he thinks it's worth it, then I will put forth all my effort into getting the story into bookstores within the next year.

But while I'm waiting, my thought wheels have not stopped spinning, and I think I have come up with an exciting way to raise the funds needed.

While I was raising funds for Uganda, I was posting different stories of my experiences in missions, and I have had several people tell me they loved all the stories I share. This gave me the idea, and over the past several weeks I have been writing bunches of short stories from my time in missions.

When I get back to the USA, I will add in my Uganda stories. Then I will self-publish a small soft back book on, called "Memories from the Missions Field." I will sell it at a low price, and try to sell a bunch...hopefully enough to afford the costs to get my other book professionally published.

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