Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The other day my friend Zach said he wanted to make a comeback of the word "groovy". I thought this was the coolest idea, and a cause I wanted to support.

All week I have taken it as a personal challenge to use the word at least once in every conversation I have.

The more I used it, the more I wondered if I was using it correctly. There's nothing like embarrassing yourself by using a word incorrectly. Like a time I told my mom about me and a guy trying to arrange a date, and she was horrified because I told her that he and I were trying to "hook up".

So I have done some research of the word "groovy" I will now use the meanings of groovy, to describe all the outfits I bought last night to wear in Africa.
1. Exciting: First of all, it's so groovy that I am going to Uganda in just 1 month!

2. Enjoyable: This white top is very groovy in it's comfortableness. Not the most stylish, but I think it's pretty cute. It's light weight and loose, made for relaxation.                                                                          
3. Very pleasing: Along with the groovy enjoyable top, is a orange and white flowered skirt which has a real "Africa missionary" look to it, I am so excited to see how this outfit looks while wandering the Ugandan plains and with children near me.

4. Fashionable: I was feeling very groovy in this outfit. With a nice shape, good colors, and how it looked on me. I think this will be a good Sunday dress

5. Wonderful: I was so happy with the shirt because it is simple yet stylish...oh I forgot, it's groovy! It could go as a top with any outfit I choose and look good with it all
6. Attractive: Finally my favorite picture. My favorite top with my favorite skirt. Again, I am so excited to see how this outfit matches the African surroundings.  
   So there is a sneak peek at my new groovy Africa apparel! More sightings of these outfits are to come in.... 1 MONTH!!


  1. you did a "What I'm Going to Wear" post! Nicely done!

  2. I think dress #4 is groovy.

  3. I am having 2nd and 3rd thoughts about you going...don't suppose you would consider wearing a head scarf and mustache? TOOOOO pretty!