Monday, April 15, 2013

My Memories of the Boston Massacre 4/15

I made this blog so that I could one day look back and smile at all my memories made in college.
Today is a day I will remember, so I am really writing to my future self today.
I remember when I was 16, reading back in my journal to the day of 9/11 and getting goosebumps as I read what my 10 year old self comprehended of it.

Today I sat at the last 10 minutes of Spanish class in Tulsa, Oklahoma.I had a non-stop crazy busy weekend, which resulted in me being sick Monday. I have 5 classes on Mondays, but I only went to 1, and I only went to that one because there was a quiz.

I was thinking how much I did not want to be there. My head and throat hurt, I had my laptop open, and facebook up, when I saw a post by the Tulsa news, "Explosion at Boston Marathon."

Just as I was trying to scan the internet to find out what happened, a classmate next to me said to me, "There's been a terrorist attack in Boston."

Class got out, and I went to back to my dorm. There my facebook page was flaring up with remarks about the "explosion". Everyone was talking about the explosion. One person mentioned it being a bombing, but I was still confused thinking it must have been some kind of firework accident.

I turned on my television and was swarmed by footage of white smoke, screaming people, and I learned there were two bombs, and a third undetonated bomb was found.

While trying to gather all the information as to what had happened, my roommate came in the room with a big smile on her face. I greeted her with, "Have you heard yet?" as I gestured to the tv.

Her smile went down and she looked at me confused, "No, what?"
I told her there had been 2 bombings and a third attempted.

Now we both sit here, staring at the television. Watching and waiting for more information. Wondering is all I can do. I wonder who is responsible? Why did they do this? Are we going to war? Is it over yet?
For months now I have been ecstatic about participating in the Color Run. It is finally happening....this Saturday. Will it be cancelled?

Mostly what fills my mind is how much our world needs saving. Just four months ago I sat here glued to the tv learning about 26 people murdered at an elementary school. Now this. What has gone wrong with the world?!
Current reports say 2 dead, 23 injured. The who, what, when, where, and how are sure to be answered in the hours to come.

To my future self, these were my thought in the first 4 hours after the bombings.

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