Monday, April 1, 2013

`Tis the season.... for a true mid-western experience.

`Tis the season! The season for flying cows, red shoes, and the yellow brick road. Yes, that's right, it's tornado season here in Oklahoma!
Last night we had a lightning storm that was unlike any storm I have ever seen. I am told it is quite normal for Oklahoma. The weatherman called it a Super Cell Storm.

The sky was calm and star-filled, with only a few clouds in between the horizon, and yet for a good 60-90 minutes the night sky was filled with bright explosions. It looked almost like a firework show to me.
I was filled with "oooh"s and "awe"s for the entire duration.
When I first moved to Tulsa, I was so afraid to experience my first tornado.But in October, when there was a tornado "watch" (meaning be prepared for the chance of a storm escalating to a tornado) that got my nerves wired but never turned into anything....I found myself rather disappointed. I didn't even get to hear a siren, or have to go to the tornado shelter.

Ever since that day, I've been somewhat wishing for one. The locals would scold me and tell me to eat my words, because they know tornadoes can bring damage and injury, so I try to be politically correct and say, "I want to have a tornado "warning" where the sirens blare and I have to go to the shelter but don't need an actual tornado."

After my fascination with last night's storm, today my friend asked me how many times I have gone storm chasing in my life. I looked at him puzzled and said, "Um, never?"
He proceeded to inform me that I have not truly lived in the mid west until I have gone storm chasing. It is something every one has done at least once. The adventurer in me squealed, "Let's go now!"

I failed to acknowledge the fact today is beautiful, sunny, warm, and calm; missing the fact that storm chasing kinda requires a storm, ha ha.

So it is a plan, and one that I very much am looking forward to. Next time there is a bad storm (preferably involving torndadoes) I shall get the true mid-western experience of going storm chasing!

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pictures from last night's storm:

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  1. Way cool. It that hail?
    Missed you at Easter. Hope you found some food and fun!