Monday, February 25, 2013

Memories from the missions field pt 4: Felipe

This was taken about 15 minutes after I sat to talk with Felipe.
This was Felipe and his baby sister, Alejandra. I met them on my missions trip to Peru in 2008. Felipe didn't speak any English, and I spoke only a tiny bit of Spanish. I could tell something was bothering him, he seemed very anxious.  
So I sat down and tried talking to him with what little Spanish I knew. Before long we were in deep conversation. 
I could fully understand him, and I was speaking words and phrases I had never learned. We ended up talking for an hour about God, and bible stories that showed how he could help in the different struggles Felipe was facing.
For that hour, I was miraculously fluent in Spanish. We prayed together, and by the time he took his sister back home, he had a big bright smile on his face.
Felipe and his sister when I first spotted them.
This was just one of the many amazing things I have experienced on the mission field, and I am expecting even greater things in Uganda.

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