Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prayer Tower

I mention the prayer tower alot in this blog. But I got to thinking today, that most of the people who read this are back in Oregon, and probably wondering what I am talking about. So today I will dedicate an entry to introducing you to the prayer tower.

The prayer tower, also know as the ORU alien spaceship, is one of my favorite places on campus.
There are beautiful gardens surrounding it called the prayer gardens. Often times when walking past the prayer gardens, I will see someone sitting in the grass reading the bible, or pacing around the flowers singing a pretty tune of praise to God. The walk to the prayer tower is half the fun, because of getting the experience of the breathtaking gardens.
When I step inside the prayer tower, I am on the 1st floor.

To my left is the prayer room, which is my ultimate favorite part of the prayer tower. You walk through the prayer room doors and the room is very dimly lit. there is slow paced worship music playing that sets the mood quickly. There is a cross directly across from the entrance and paper to write on set at the feet of the cross. When I get close to the cross, I find holes in the cross, for me to leave my prayers in.

The walls are black, with chalk available to write on the walls. All around are different peoples prayers, scriptures, and words of encouragement posted on the walls. There are leather couches that when you sit, you sink into....which is the way I think all couches should be.
Going back out of the prayer room I have to take the elevator up to the second floor to see the biggest tourist attraction about the prayer tower.

When I enter the 2nd floor, I see windows all around me in a circle. Through them I can see the entire campus, and a large portion of the city of Tulsa.
It is a very quiet and tranquil place. The walls and floor display different quotes and scripture.

As I walk around and view the far out distance, it becomes a rather emotional experience. There is something so beautiful about it.
There are different churches right outside the ORU boundaries, so I can see crosses propped up seemingly all over town. It always makes me want to smile and say, "This is God's country."
There are individual prayer rooms on the second floor too. The have to be checked out to be used, and have a single person couch and coffee table.
Each room has a featured quote.

One of the best features of the prayer tower, is how cool it looks in the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets.

While mentioning sunsets, here is my favorite sunset picture from my time here:

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  1. Love it Savy. (Mr. Price is saved!) You can write a thank you on that chalk board wall for me. If God can reach him than anyone else is a cinch!