Monday, February 4, 2013

More happy happenings

This meme pretty much sums up my week.
Monday we hit a high of 81 degrees,
Tuesday we had a tornado watch because of a cold front moving in,

Wednesday we only got up to a high of 30,
Thursday was torrential rain,

and Saturday was a sunny and beautiful high of low 60's. So you never know what weather you will get in Oklahoma!
Saturday and last Monday I got out to take a walk in a tank top and worked on my tan a bit. I have the slightest humorous hope that maybe working on my tan in February will be enough to help me in Africa in May.

We had "open dorms" on the 27th where the guys are allowed to spend a few hours in the girls dormitory. I got a text to come to a Lord of the Rings marathon, and when I got there, I was greeted with brownies and "SOME" popcorn.
I admit I had quite a good laugh with this picture.

This past week was homecoming week, so there were lots of festivities to enjoy.
Saturday night was the homecoming basketball game, and there was a dance afterward, each of which I had a blast at!
My hilarious friend Jake didn't know what to do at the dance, so he just did what ever move came to his mind.
Half the battle at a dance is just trying to look like you know what you're doing. Ha, I'm laughing again!
Midweek a new student center opened at ORU, as a massive hangout spot with games, tvs, computers, food, and more. Some of us celebrated the opening by playing the old fashioned video game Mario Cart.

And speaking of games, how could I fail to mention, the big game! A group of about 20 ORU students all piled into 3 cars and we went to an ORU alumnus's home to watch the Superbowl on their gigantic in home movie theater. I am not a big fan of football, but anything is more fun when watched on a massive screen in a comfortable chair, with good food.

This crazy weather tells me that spring is in the air. With spring comes tornadoes, tans, and tanktops.
I first visited Oklahoma in the spring, and I can't wait to live here for the season. Lots of good picture ops.
Infact, here's a rather "springish" picture of me!

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