Thursday, August 9, 2012

On The Road Day 2

9:30 a.m. Last night in Idaho was H-O-T-T Hot! I have a new appreciation for how the little gingerbread man must feel as he is placed in the oven. That’s what it felt like in our tent. Our campsite is located in a quiet area, and by quiet I mean there’s a main highway on the left, a busy train track on the right, a cement trucking site in front, and a redneck trailer park behind. The one neat thing about this place is that it has free internet so I was able to get a snort of my drug of choice, facebook.
My parents are looking intensely at a map trying to figure out how on earth Mapquest was telling us to take these no-name roads. Now they have figured out the CORRECT route and we are hitting the road….only 3 hours behind schedule, yay!
10:25 a.m. Back at the campsite, the camp host was telling my step dad that the clouds we saw in the sky were not rain clouds, but smoke from wildfires about an hour down the road. We are now driving and seeing the fires she was talking about. A giant cloud of brown smoke lingers on our left with noticeable flames every few hundred feet. Being I have no sense of smell (congenital anosmia) I asked my mom if it stinks. She just nodded her head rapidly and then said, “Oh yeah.” It’s kinda weird to see bright green corn fields on my right, and nothing but thick brown haze on my left.
9:30p.m. We stopped in Moab, Utah for the night. The campground is much nicer, the view is awesome, and the temperature is perfect. I finally got a nice long warm shower. The best part of all, I'm at the half way mark to Tulsa. 1,000 miles down, 1,000 miles to go! Tomorrow we'll cross through two more states, Colorado and New Mexico.
I snapped this picture just about 20 miles from our campgrounds,

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  1. So proud your doing this for yourself and for children Savannah..... God Bless you my friend! xoxoxo