Friday, August 10, 2012

On The Road Day 3

The sunsets and sunrises in this area are simply amazing. Last night I got out of the car and went, “Wow.” Then when I stepped out of the tent this morning, again I said out loud unintentionally, “Wow.” This country is all so beautiful; despite the mass amount of bugs. As we were driving down the road this morning, I felt a small something in my mouth. I swished it around a bit trying to figure out what part of my breakfast it was. Finally I spit it out and discovered it was a fat ugly bug! EWE!

Still in Utah I snapped this picture of my parents. I loved it. It made me think, “Man they are a great couple.” It’s just one of the many things I see that amaze me how God can take something broken and create something beautiful. Each of them had their dark days, but the hard times molded them to be perfect for each other, to fill in those missing parts and bring light to the dark places.
On our drive so far, we received not one but two cracks in the windshield from flying rocks. Mom was a bit more upset than Steve.

I’ve sent out an SOS on facebook to all the Tulsa people for a good hair stylist. My new hair cut has settled and I realized while in a rest area bathroom, that I am a shamed owner of a mullet. Hoping someone can fix it somehow before I get on campus. As for now, I continue through 1,000 miles of the United States, showing off my hillbilly side. I just hope Bubba doesn’t offer me some crow for dinner. I may cry.

The first thing I have noticed in New Mexico is the over abundance of fireworks advertisements. For such a dry, arid state, they sure do seem to love their fire starters, ehem, works. There are giant billboards every few miles “Fireworks all year!” One thing I love is all the sunflowers. There are crop fields with them, and random patches in the wilderness. They always leave me with a jolly girl feeling when I see their big bright yellow petals. I had a special new appreciation for them and their offspring the year I played softball in hi school. Ironically I just noticed Steve is in the driver’s seat munching on sunflower seeds.
The day is very hot and the night is cold in New Mexico. Tomorrow we go through Texas, and then we'll stop for the night in Tulsa. Yay! 1 more day!!

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  1. I'm so glad you're keeping a blog of this! It sounds like you've been having a great trip. I'm praying for you!