Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On the road Day 1

So here I am, on the road. The journey has begun. We left early this morning, and will be traveling through the several states today through Friday. Saturday is new student orientation.
Our first stop was in Hood River.
Twenty minutes later we were on the road again. It was cloudy and cold when I woke up, and the clouds were worsening as we packed. By Hood River there were only patches of clouds, now I am looking at a blue sky with only a couple dots of white in between. It seems the skies ahead get brighter with each passing mile. And so is the horizon of my future. Each mile is a step closer to college, to a career, to friendships, to marriage, to the rest of my life. Each mile closer, is a mile closer to accomplishing my goals and dreams; travel, adventure, career, and changing lives. There are many unknowns, but I know from my experiences the past two years, it will all be fine and God will continue to show how amazing he is.
My funny bone was tickled when 5 miles past the Idaho border, I saw a truck carrying potatoes. We have stopped for the night in a little town called Mountain Home, ID. We went to a little "Ma and Pop" Diner. I had a delectable root beer float with cherry on top before dinner, and a 1/2 lb beef cheeseburger with mashed potato and gravy on top for my meal. I don't know which I loved more, the good food or the total old fashioned small town diner environment. While we travel the road, my brother has been busy working on moving into my old bedroom. He informed me, "This is the way to clean out a room" .....
Good luck to Nick at home, and onward to Utah we go!

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