Thursday, August 16, 2012

Only at ORU

He has two eyes, he has two feet, he sleeps by day, stalks by night.
I am sleeping more or less comfortably tonight on a friend's dorm room floor. I was screaming while running around the whole building earlier this evening. A fire alarm went off in another dorm building, and I greeted each person as they exited the building with, "Hi, I'm Anna, I'm homeless too." All this, because of a bat.
I was in my room talking with my roommate Jonnah, when her jaw dropped and she asked if I just saw something fly by. We popped our heads out into the hall, and something swooshed past us again.
Word quickly spread through out the entire floor, a bird had invaded our dorm building. Screeches and squeals filled the air, when I announced, "That's not just a bird, that's a bat!"
Cameras were filming around every corner as our screaming turned to loud laughter. Then the worst thing happened. The bat was trapped in our room! We waited over 30 minutes for security to arrive. Shortly before they did, two girls got sick of waiting for security, and went in the room trying to find it themselves. They couldn't find it!! Security got in there, went through all our personals, climbed on top of everything; the darn thing was no where to be found! Finally everyone gave up and decided it must have found a way out. Everyone calmed and dispersed to various places they were supposed to be. Jonnah and I were left there wondering, "Do they really expect us to be ok sleeping in there with that thing?!" And thus we were both to chicken to be in our room, we found different people's floors to sleep on.
And that folks, is how a bat made me homeless at ORU. Oh and how about that awkward moment when you are sleeping on a friend's floor, and you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and accidentally lock yourself out of their room and have to wake them up to let you in :3 Ok, I admit I did giggle just a tiny bit at that!
Speaking of awkward moments, how about being at Walmart and asking an employee some questions about a product and they act like they have no clue. Ok, ok, so actually, I saw a man in a uniform with a name tag. Went up and asked him some questions about a product, and he honestly did pretty good a BSing an answer. But still I could tell he didn't know much. I thanked him for his help, but started to walk away thinking, "Jeez, Walmart doesn't train their employees very well." That is when I had the gut wrenching epiphany, that his name tag did not say Walmart on it! Ha! Oh Anna, Anna, Anna, the trouble you get yourself into.
I failed to mention why I was at Walmart. That is a story in itself. I had my laptop sitting on my bed. My cell phone was on top of it, and they were both plugged into an outlet, charging. My phone rang, and I hurried to answer it. The cord wrapped around the laptop, and sent it flying when I pulled my phone. There was a loud crash, followed with the violent homicide of my faithful laptop. Rest in pieces my friend, rest in pieces.
9 months ago when I sat up in bed in the middle of the night to fill out an ORU application, because a word from God, I had no idea what when I got to Oklahoma all this would happen in my first week. Only at ORU have I been stalked by a rodent with wings, scared a poor guy into trying to answer computer questions, catapulted a laptop, been the culprit in a computer homicide, and been stranded with only a friends floor to sleep on.

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