Friday, March 15, 2013

Memories from the missions field: $1000

About ½ mile from my home in Oregon, is a logging road. It goes up a very steep hill. I loved to walk to the top of that hill and look out a large green scenery. It was my favorite place to go pray and journal. One day my mind was troubled by upcoming payments to go to Peru, and the fact I was still $1000 short. As I sat up on that hill, I was reminded of the quote, “Sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand. When you figure out love is all that matters after all, it makes everything else seem so small.”
I felt God telling me to trust him for the money, and to keep my focus on showing his love to those around me. I told God that I was placing my trust in him, that he would provide that $1000. Sure enough, just days before the deadline, I was handed a check for $1000!

Our 2nd to last day of ministry in Peru; I was with a group of little girls, spinning them in circles. I got worn out after a bit, and told them no more. I sat down for a little break and started talking with one of the girls, when I felt a gentle slap on my knee. I looked down and there was a little boy, maybe 8 months old, propped up on my knee. I picked him up and about that time his mom came over. She talked some about how long she had lived in the village, and told me her kids names and ages, and how they all worked on crafts to try to make money. After a while the woman asked if I was American. I told her I was. She began to cry, and asked if I could take her baby to America to find a better family.

I was shocked! After a lot more emotional conversation, I learned that her husband had been laid off, and they were running out of money for food. She told me that lunch the day before, was the last time she had eaten, and that her kids had not had food since dinner.

I told her I would be right back. I got several friends, and went back to the bus to make a bunch of PBJ sandwhiches. Once we had filled up a bag, I brought it to her. I told her the story of how I was $1000 short for being able to come, and that I trusted God, and last minute it was provided. I handed her the bag and told her to trust God that by the time that food was gone, her husband would have a new job. The woman looked at me, then at the bag, then at her son, and then she burst into tears, apologizing to her baby.
She said that she had been so desperate for an answer to her struggles, that she thought giving her children away was the only hope for them. But now she knew to pray for help. Later that day the woman came back with all six of her children, and they all came to become a Christian.

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