Friday, March 22, 2013

Rough week that ended fun

Sunday I was less than content, reading on facebook all my friends spring break adventures; Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, cruises. I was sitting in my dorm room with work as the only activity I foresaw in my week.

Monday started well, with an early morning trip to the eye doctor. The drive back to campus was filled with smiles and giggles at all the things I could see so much better now wearing glasses.

This was how my Spring Break began, and I thought it was going to be the most eventful moment of my week. But I was wrong!

Tuesday was going to be a lazy day, but I got asked to come work on my day off. One of the higher up managers was there. He asked me a few questions through out the shift to see if I had learned the stuff I was supposed to know by my 1 month mark of employment.

 He also pulled me aside a few times to compliment me on several things I did right through out the shift. Before he left for the night, he told me he was impressed by my work ethic and speed, and he asked me to come in and work a 10 hour shift the next day because he wanted to see how I managed.

9pm Tuesday night, I started feeling not so good and decided to go to sleep early. 11pm I woke up vomiting and I was up the rest of the night with the toilet and a garbage can as my sole companions.
6am rolled around with zero sleep, and no end in sight to the sickness, and I was imaginably upset to have to call in sick after feeling I had won brownie points with management the night before.

Around 2pm Wednesday the vomiting finally ceased, and I ended up sleeping straight through to Thursday evening.
By Thursday night I was regaining energy, and wanted to get out for fresh air and civilization, so I hopped along on a Walmart trip with my buddies Joey and Michael.

At Walmart I admired a snazzy dinosaur cup and Joey convinced me to spoil my inner child and get it. Not to shabby for 98 cents! (Another interesting thing this week is that I just today learned the word "snazzy")

Right after taking a picture with my new favorite dinosaur cup, my favorite singer Avril Lavigne  put a post on facebook looking for photos to add into her new music video for her song, "Here's to Never Growing Up". The timing was hysterical, so I submitted my picture.

Another highlight was getting out to find this AWESOME book:
The Pop-up Book of Phobias

I reserve deep respect for the mastermind behind this book.

Tonight is the most exciting part of the week. I've been hearing him on CD and TV since I was in diapers, and tonight, for the first time I get to see Kenneth Copeland in person as he is coming to my school. I will save another blog post for that though!

It wasn't paradise, it wasn't even traveling, but I'd say spring break was a success. I got my eye sight back in a stylish way, impressed my boss, got a debilitating stomach flu, survived the stomach flu, got a new favorite dinosaur cup, potentially featured in a famous music video, learned a new favorite word, found the best book ever written, and get to see a lifelong influential minister....yep, pretty fun break!

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  1. Our break is just getting started. I think we got the flu bug out of the way last week. I like the new glasses and the cute dress from last post.
    I'm headed to bed over here.