Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have recently picked up a new hobby, in addition to my obsession with moon picture lol. I love to go running! It may be considered more like slow jogging in the running world, but it's new and exciting for me.

I started out this summer with jogging, and would be out of breath within just a few seconds. There is a trail about two miles off campus that I love to walk, and then there is a trail on campus which goes in a loop which I also love to walk. Sometimes when I am a bit more hyper than usual I will pick up my pace on the on campus loop.

But then one day while walking the off campus trail, I got back to the city area, and got into a sticky situation where I had to run out of the way of a car that didn't see me on the sidewalk. When I started running something in me said to keep running, and I did. I ran for quite a while. When I finally stopped I thought, "Man! That felt great!"

That night I decided to run some more around the loop on campus. I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could, and got around about 1/3 of the loop.

Since that day, I've been running about 3 times a week, and love it even more every time. Tonight was a milestone, when I was able to run the entire loop. Not super impressive, but very exciting for me!

All this makes me even more excited about the fact I signed up for April's Color Run.

I cannot wait to be doing this in 1 month....:


  1. That 5k sounds fun. I'm glad the car didn't hit you...smile
    Cool way to start running.

  2. sounds like the driver needs to know the difference between the sidewalk and the road!