Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Everyday Joys

College is a fun and exciting place. It's all about getting where I want to go. Big dreams being accomplished. But sometimes, in the hustle of accomplishing all these big goals, I get struck by something very common, that reminds me to enjoy everyday normalcy. It is the small giggles that happen every day that make life worth living. And yet I so easily overlook them when trying to remember the events that happened in my day/week/year.

Like on Wednesday, when I got a good hard laugh, out of my friend attempting to print pictures instantly, and being told she would get them in 13 hours.

I laughed at the contradiction of the message, then I laughed more at my friend pointing out the contradiction, then my sides were hurting as I was still laughing at the expression on my friends face as the store clerk said it was just a computer glitch.

The little joys in life, the every day non-extraordinary events, that make me laugh, that keep me smiling, that make me say I had a good day, that keep my spirits lifted high; these are the things that I often forget to appreciate. However, these are the things I need the most.

They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. What would life be without the unremarkable, everyday giggles? That's not a day I want to live to see.

So these days, I try to recognize and be grateful for every normal thing that puts a smile on my face.

Like the advertisement that I spotted today in the baseball parking lot that sparked a brief laugh for me:

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