Sunday, March 3, 2013

Memories from the missions field: Follow Jesus

Here is another favorite picture from missions. Sadly I never found out this little girl's name. When we stepped off the bus to begin hair washing ministry in Peru, she came running right up to me and jumped into my arms. I washed her hair first. Then she stood beside mimicking me as I washed others hair. The entire day she did not want to leave my side. 

Mid day we got on costumes and preformed a play about Christ. Through the whole play she kept wanting to run around following my every move.
She hardly ever spoke, but was full of hugs and giggles.
I got this picture after the play.
I sat and snuggled with her for a bit, and tried my best to tell her in child-like spanish too... to follow after Jesus in life the same way she followed me that day.

Just as we were packing up to leave her sister came looking for her, and hurried her away.
She darted back to wave, "Adios Amor!"
I hope to meet many children with her attitude in Africa

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